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The 21 Basic Laws Of All Successful Relationships




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Every customer who purchases SAVE YOUR RELATIONSHIP also receives a second ebook by Dr. Shoshanna for free, which is entitled: STEPPINGSTONES TO LOVE. This ebook was being sold by Dr. Shoshanna for $29.95. We encourage you to take advantage of this free giveaway when advertising and marketing to your prospective customers.


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Steppingstones To Love is an interactive guide and workbook which will reveal to you proven laws of healthy relationships and show you how to easily apply them in your everyday life. With expert advice, exercises, quotes and illustrations, this beautiful 78 page book is a treasure for those seeking new wisdom to achieving healthy relationships. Cost: $29.99.

FREE when you purchase a copy of SAVE YOUR RELATIONSHIP, and yours to keep even if you receive a 100% no questions asked refund.


Here are some images including the ebook cover, and Dr. Shoshanna's banner, which you may download and use for your promotional purposes. TIP: click on the images to retrieve the full resolution copies of each picture, then right click your mouse button and select "save image as".

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Book Cover
Steppingstones To Love

Book Cover
Save Your Relationship

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Dr. Brenda Shoshanna

Dr. Brenda Shoshanna

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Dr. Brenda Shoshanna

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Short articles (700-900 words) based upon SAVE YOUR RELATIONSHIP are available by following the below link to www.ezinearticles.com, or following the links below.  These are articles on relationships, love, change, and different ways of dealing with lifeís challenges. You may also offer these articles as "excerpts" of SAVE YOUR RELATIONSHIP to your potential customers.

Source #1: Self Help Relationship Articles By Dr. Shoshanna For Syndication

Source #2: More Of Dr. Shoshanna's Articles For Syndication




You can place the below advertising copy in lots of places. On your website as a text link (make it blue and underlined to increase click throughs), as an ezine ad, and as a signature file. There are no regulations to how you may use my copy, and consider this permission to edit my copy to your specifications if needed. To use, please go to the sales page and cut and paste any and all of the copy for your use.



Please go to the sales page and cut and paste any and all of the endorsements for your use.




A good headline can increase your sales considerable. Note: think carefully about your target audience when selecting your headlines. 



You may sell SAVE YOUR RELATIONSHIP based on the merit of Dr. Shoshanna's reputation as a widely acclaimed author and relationship expert. You may cut and paste the below paragraph with the according links, you may edit her biography as fits your needs, or you may visit Dr. Shoshanna's web site and download additional images and copy of your choice (browse her site http://www.brendashoshanna.com and take your pick).


"For over 30 years Dr. Shoshanna has worked  in New York as a Ph.D psychologist and therapist. She is the resident relationship expert on i.village.com, and a Barnes and Noble University Online Professor. She has provided over 500 talks and workshops on achieving emotional well-being, and appears regularly on radio and TV providing guidance to audiences nationwide.

In addition to ebooks, has been published by some of foremost publishing houses, including The Anger Diet (Andrews McNeil), Zen And The Art of Falling In Love, (Simon and Schuster), and Zen Miracles (Finding Peace In An Insane World) among others.

Dr. Shoshanna has also contributed to magazine such as Cosmopolitan, Ladies Home Journal, Better Living, Body and Soul, Chicago Tribune, In Touch, First For Woman, just to name a few.

I am here to help you. You may contact me for further instruction at topspeaker@yahoo.com. If you want even more personal help, Iím available for personal consulting. Call (212) 288-0028 for further information. 

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